Acrobat Agile





ACROBAT AGILE is a suspension system for windows. It allows you to communicate and display in dynamic and effective ways. ACROBAT AGILE consists of a flexible rail suspended from the ceiling that can be shaped in many ways ranging from a straight line to a circle. A variety of plastic and aluminum accessories allow you to hang graphics, panels, fabrics and to display products without any tools. ACROBAT AGILE also features an aluminum slotted rod. Thanks to a special plug, shelves and crossbars can be placed easily between rods, creating a visually effective and versatile presentation. No tools are needed to reconfigure the accessories. The ACROBAT AGILE Lift is a smart multitasking bar with an upper channel, which allows you to install a wide range of accessories, and a lower channel that accepts different materials like paper and fabrics to create scenic set ups. ACROBAT AGILE Lift can also work as a shelf support, as well as a crossbar. ACROBAT AGILE is designed for windows and in-store communication, granting an effective support and an answer to current display needs.


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