ALU Launches Lightboard

ALU has just announced the release of their newest product, Lightboard. Equipped with the latest LED technology, Lightboard provides a double-sided, easy to install, multipurpose display system.


Lightboard - Beauty and Cosmetics + Autopole + Cage


ALU’s new system offers a great mix between visual brand communication and product display and merchandising.

Lightboard is a versatile system that can be used to accent window displays, act as an in-store focal point, be used as an interactive space divider, or simply to enhance merchandising display areas.

Not only can Lightboard be used as a standalone product, it can also work in conjunction with a number of ALU’s existing systems, including Autopole, Reed, Pylon and Mobile; offering maximum flexibility thanks to a wide range of additional accessories.


ALU Lightboard in a clothing setting - a versatile double sided display system that can accent window displays, act as an in-store focal point or product display area. Combine with other ALU ranges.


What’s more, Lightboard is suitable for use in a broad range of scenarios, reaching out beyond just retail environments.

Created by creatives for the retail, design and architectural industries, this is certainly a product that will evolve alongside the changing face of any brand or campaign.