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Autopole is very well known within the photographic world; a practical solution for photographers and a design classic in its own right. When ALU introduced Autopole to the retail sector, it soon became one of the best selling retail fixtures and display solutions across the industry. Most importantly, Autopole offers flexibility within a store environment, whether it is for displaying items, marketing materials or visual merchandising needs. It offers 360 degree display and merchandising possibilities, thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories, including shelves, hanging rails, display arms and graphic holders. Autopole is generally used as a tensioned, telescopic pole that can be secured between the floor and the ceiling, using a simple lever. It is made from a 45mm diameter aluminium tube, which houses a 40mm diameter inner extendable tube. It also comes in a freestanding option, for visual merchandising and effective branding or marketing displays. Autopole is easy to install and all of its accessories are simple and quick to attach. Autopole and its family of products is a versatile, classic system that offers you the opportunity to be creative within your environment. It has been specifically designed to support all your display, marketing, branding and visual merchandising requirements, allowing you to create the space that you desire, simply and effectively.

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