Cage is a single, adaptable display unit that requires little installation, but offers maximum flexibility for point of sale and in store display solutions. Made from 30x30x5mm T section, Cage’s simple lines and elegant proportions allow it to work in a variety of environments. Its chamfered corners add a subtle design accent that enhances its overall styling.
The beauty of Cage is that it can be easily adapted; by rotating the frame through 90°, it can stand upright and be transformed with layers of shelves, through easy to attach connectors. Lay it down again and it becomes a perfect display table. Cage can also be stacked up to three units high, to increase overall display height, or have all or some of its faces dressed with display or marketing graphics, providing the ideal multifunctional point of sale display unit.
Cage has been designed to be a simple yet effective, one-piece, ready to use product. It can be easily adapted to suit your changing environment, through the addition of shelves, graphics or simply by rotating it. It comes as standard in grey or black.

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