Slash is a stylish, contemporary display system that can be used freestanding or wall mounted. All of
its accessories are either magnetic or tool-less, for ease of assembly and reconfiguration.
Slash’s simple geometric lines are comprised of a 15 x 40mm rectangular section, linked together
using easy to assemble, concealed aluminium joints. The system has a neatly hidden slotted profile
on one face that accepts a range of accessories including rails, shelves and display arms, providing a
flexible and easy to adapt system.
Slash can be used in a number of different set ups; at 90 degrees, angled or even curved. It is a
perfect solution for pop-up shops thanks to its reduced footprint and simple styling.
The system also optimises the full length of any display wall, with rails able to run between units,
creating a run of display rails and/or shelves.
The elegant free-standing Slash units offer versatility and provide the option to hang and display
merchandise, as well as showcase graphics and brand communication. Used with wooden or solid
surfaces, the units can also act as great architectural room dividers.

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