Meet Joe Grimsdale

Tenn LTD gets to know Joe Grimsdale – a reliable go to installer, expert decorator, specialist graphic designer and all round great guy. Tenn wanted to utilise Joe specialism in animation to help bring their Christmas GIF to life.

Tenn LTD - Meet Animator Joe Grimsdale


Find out more about the Joe and his work:

When did your creativity begin?

“When I was a kid, I promised myself I’d become an archaeologist, a spaceman or a cartoonist. Needless to say, most of my energy went into the latter, spending my time drawing endless pictures of wacky characters in thick marker pens. With the rise of computers in the millennium, my mind was blown when I came across even the most primitive ways of making them move and bring them to life.”

How did your style develop and where did it develop from?
“Up until studying animation, my style remained incredibly hand drawn, as it was mostly illustrated on paper and edited through the use of stop motion. After teaching myself new ways of replicating this through 2D software, my qualification increasingly emphasised 3d computer animation in programs such as Maya. More recently, I’ve allowed myself to settle back into my natural, cartoonishly unsophisticated style; predominantly featuring silly looking creations with bold black outlines. So in a way, my style’s gone full circle”

Where do you get your inspiration?
 “I often find that ideas for projects I’m working on occur to me in the shower and, in fear of coming off like a pretentious stereotype, a fair amount of others get underway when I’m dreaming. Not all of them make total visual sense at the time but I often scribble something down on a post-it that I come back to later. Alongside a deeply eclectic interest in music, I have more recently acquired a taste for reading surreal, independent comic books and short novels. All of which, motivate me into general making as well as towards shaping my own unique sense of identity”

What do you use to create your animations?
“To be honest, I’d be left with wonky lines and crippled fingers if it weren’t for my Wacom tablet. I’ve found it to be the easiest way to translate my style and personality within my digital work. Prior to becoming accustomed to this, I scanned individual drawings and edited them in Photoshop, something I still promote when hosting workshops. Even so, I generally try to stay away from the computer for the initial stages of an animation project, mostly sticking to little thumbnail sketches on paper.”

How do you think animation can help influence social media and visual merchandising?
“I find it interesting, actually, how social media has changed the way we think of animation. Now that gifs are being more widely used, due to their looping nature, a restriction on length and lack of sound are no longer concerns that affect quality perception of the final output.
This trend carries directly into visual merchandising as brands compete for the attention of consumers. Throughout 2017, I noticed more animated monitors in display windows than ever, indicating the prominent eye-catching power of moving image.”


Where do you see your work going in the future?
“I’ve never put effort into having much of an online presence for my personal work in the past. Up until a couple of months ago, I never owned a smartphone but having this constant access to the internet as well as entirely new forms of social media has led me to appreciate the potential benefits and fun to be had”