University of St.David Swansea


Tenn LTD prides their business ethic and Welsh heritage to work with and alongside surrounding artists and students in the local area

In this instance, Tenn’s project manager Alice Burke retraced her steps back to her University of Trinity St. David – Swansea, where she studied for her degree and was an Artist in Residence for the Surface Pattern Design Course.

Presenting the Tenn LTD business as a local Creative business, Alice gave a presentation to the 2nd, 3rd & 4th-year students on her professional journey since graduating, and how she came to work for Tenn.

Taking them through examples of  Tenn LTD’s work and the type of projects and clients Tenn are lucky enough to collaborate with.


Alice joined the design studio and students on a 1 to 1 basis to talk about their work.

“It was really lovely to speak to the students about their ideas and the techniques they were using. I was also able to suggest new materials and creative processes and finishes that the could combine into their work that they were not currently aware of.”

This networking will develop our relationship and connections with the university and students locally and will strengthen the gap between the post graduates and the work sector.

Tenn LTD and the course director plan to start an introduction of Work Placements for the students at Tenn, where they can gain insight into design, manufacture, retail and visual merchandising.

We look forward to seeing all the new talent and fresh ideas coming through from the Univesity and are proud to be able to give an insight into the professional world through a local business.

A very special thanks to the Students and University of Trinity St. David 
Also to Abbie Joslin, Jessica Hill & Nicole Watkins as featured work