Tenn X Overkrooks

A creative collaboration

A number of the projects Tenn has undertaken with clients have involved graphic illustration and with the ever increasing trend of the use of commercial art in projects, the idea evolved to commission a London based artist to produce an artwork showcasing the many facets of Tenn.

So began a creative collaboration between Tenn and Overkrooks.

Overkrooks is a trained illustrator and his work is strongly influenced by graffiti writing. Usually avoiding the digital process of making images, everything is as handmade as possible to keep the organic process of print, making and painting techniques alive.

Overkrooks, a London based illustrator has been commissioned by Tenn Ltd to create an artwork that showcases the many fascias of Tenn

Overkrooks takes inspiration from the world around him: through bric-a-brac and the mundane everyday images we see on the streets. His inspiration could come from as wide a platform as picking up a discarded sweet wrapper, to the pattern on your grandma’s old sofa.

Overkrooks’ artistic canvases are not conventional, they range from crumbling brick walls, to polished studio/gallery spaces, to reused ephemera found in the street.

‘I favour the handmade, enjoy odd colour schemes, have my things organised neatly and drink lots of coffee’.

Tenn took some time to find out more about Overkrooks:

Tenn Ltd is commissioning Overkrooks, a London based artist, too create an artwork showcasing the many fascias of Tenn

Tenn: How did your style develop and where did it develop from?

Overkrooks: I am always developing as I gain more influences and learn new techniques. I first started to develop how I am currently working whilst studying. I started to see cross overs between work I was painting outside and what I was producing at the printmakers and for illustrations. I have been working towards synchronising these since.

My style comes from a myriad of things I am seeing and noting day-to-day and through re-appropriating the shapes I am accustomed to into new objects or layouts.

Tenn: What process do you go through when you create your art?

Overkrooks: The process I use differs from project to project. I tend to lean towards the more fluid line of hand and printed textures rather than computerised shapes. I will firstly research the subject or subjects of my painting and then work from there. I like to look at shapes as I do with lettering and break them down. I tend to be a little more abstract with them now. It has been great to recently revisit screen printing after a rather long break from the print studio and try new techniques using limited colour palettes of blue and black.

Tenn Ltd is commissioning Overkrooks to produce an artwork  for the company Overkrooks is an artist who prefers the hand made rather than computer generated images

Tenn: What do you hope viewers of your work will think, feel and experience?

Overkrooks: I would hope people can see the lean towards making, rather than just painting and experience the construction or deconstruction, whether in shapes depicted or how the piece itself has been made up.

I wouldn’t really like to dictate how people should think or feel, as that is totally subjective to them. However, I hope my work is intriguing to the eye and allows them to get lost in the abstraction.

Tenn: Where do you see your work going in the future?

Overkrooks: I am starting to prepare work towards my first solo show at Proof gallery in the summer and I hope to show some new directions here. I am still working on a name for the show, but the work is more concerned with the building and making of objects rather than just stylised paintings. This will be the first time I show solely as Overkrooks, pulling my work together under this one umbrella and showing a little more personality.

 Tenn: What are your thoughts on the prevalence of the more commercial urban arts?

Overkrooks: Urban arts definitely show more prevalence now and are used more and more in commercial ads and design, and it can work. It’s nice when this doesn’t shape the entire output of a brand and can add an interesting take on things. It has certainly allowed work by artists of this background to be viewed by a much wider audience and be appreciated rather than overlooked.

I hope people can see this spin in my work, though I hope it doesn’t define it.

Overkrooks is being commissioned by Tenn Ltd to produce an artwork showcasing our many fascias and our love of pushing the boundaries

Overkrooks is currently beavering away on this exciting new creative project for Tenn.

All will be revealed shortly, so please watch this space.