TENN Sticking to our roots

Born and raised in Wales the Tenn Factory is the beating heart of our company.

A recent project saw us work with our factory neighbours WOOD-B to design, make and cut some directional waymarkers for a local country park.

Apart of the AWEN Cultural Trust, WOOD-B is, a programme designed to create opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to be taught the delicate skills of carpentry.

AWEN Cultural Trust are keen supporters of a low carbon culture and called upon WOOD-B to create directional waymarkers from an old Cedar tree that had recently fallen in nearby Bryngarw Park. WOOD-B’s specialist carpenters and their team set about slicing the tree into planks ready to be made into signage. The carpenters then approached team Tenn to assist with the lettering and engraving.

Using our onsite laser cutter we set about designing and engraved lettering into the planks on behalf of WOOD-B. Once complete WOOD-B began to seal and varnish the signs ready for installation at the Bryngarw Park.

“As we required lettering on the signage, we decided to contact TENN’s as we were well aware of their reputation for creating high-quality products.We are extremely happy with the quality of the engraving that has been placed upon the way-markers and would, therefore, be happy to recommend TENN at a point in the future.” – Chris Britton, AWEN Cultural Trust

We ❤️ Wales