Tenn’s fleet of vans take to the road…..

with a unique new look

It all started early one morning outside a well known central London department store, as the Tenn team watched all the standard white supply vans trailing into the loading bay. It was at this point we realised we needed to be different; we needed to stand out and make an impact.

This realisation merged with the increasing trend we noticed for the inclusion of graphic illustrations as part of clients’ creative briefs and projects. Out of these two elements grew the collaboration between Tenn Ltd and London based artist, Overkrooks.


The main inspiration for the design came to the Tenn team during a visit to New York, where we saw amazing graffiti covered vans that were not only eye-catching, but cleverly doubled up as pop-up stores. It was during this trip that we knew we could create our own take on this growing artistic trend.

We translated what we saw in New York into an artwork that is unique to Tenn and captures a movement within the creative industry that is happening now.

London based Overkrooks and Tenn Ltd have created a unique artwork in line with current trend of using and commissioning artitsts for commercial art pieces4

The result is a individual artwork, that is fresh, inspiring, on trend and in keeping with the growing use of commercial art to enhance projects and creative schemes.

Tenn Ltd and Overkrooks have created an exciting new artwork inspired by the grafitti vans of New York7

Curious to see the result of the collaboration? You may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one of our newly decorated Tenn vans driving into or through central London.

Tenn Ltd and London based artist Overkrooks have collaborated to create a unique and on trend artwork7

Or why not join us at the VM & Display Show at the Business Design Centre, London, to see this artwork come to life in a different form.

Try and guess where we are…

Tenn Ltd and London based artist Overkrooks have collaborated to create a unique and on trend artwork6a