Chantecaille Celebrating 20 Years

With Chantecaille Celebrating 20 years of outstanding products – Tenn were approached to create some instore merchandising to capture and celebrate their 20-year anniversary collection.

Instore at their Harvey Nichols London concession, Tenn LTD sourced a local florist to bring to life the 20-year collection floral branding. Using faux petals – the graphic was recreated in 3D by mounting each individual petal onto a freestanding clear acrylic panel.

For that touch of decadence – Tenn provided and fitted some gold vinyl shelf covers to neatly wrap around Chanetcaille’s Harvey Nichols concession wall POS.

With the floral 20’s and gold shelf finish, Chantecaille’s new anniversary product collection stood out amongst the surrounding concessions whilst capturing the brands 2o years of experience.


“As our 20th anniversary year unfolds, we’re taking a look back and celebrating the achievements, innovations and meaningful partnerships we formed over the years. As a beauty brand with a passion for naturals and a commitment to conservation, we put our love for flowers and their endless possibilities front and center, along with a deep love for animals and the environment” – Chantecaille, Looking Back at 20 Years