Chantecaille is a luxury family brand known for its beautifying cosmetics and has recently opened a concession in the new beauty rooms, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.

Tenn has long been involved in the luxury/beauty side of retail, so were delighted to be asked by Chantecaille to help envisage their new store concept.

Tenn director Joseph Lynch, having in a previous guise been a long standing designer for many cosmetic houses, took the brief and worked with the brand find to find their niche look here in London. High-end materials, textures and technology used on this counter makes Chantecaille stand out and engage with the customer.

Key details being the mother of pearl material sourced and used to highlight and clad the main showcases and the Chantecaille rose to highlight the use of rose water in their products.

Chantecaille’s core philosophy uses beauty to change the world and you can see why in their beautiful boutiques.