Christian Dior – La Collection Privee

Harrod’s Salon du Parfums

Harrods launched its new Salon du Parfums department in September 2014, on the sixth floor. This department has a separate gallery and is spread over 5090 square meters. With 11 brands including all the who’s who in the fragrance world,  Christian Dior was displaying its La Collection Privee.  Mia Collins, Head of Beauty at Harrods, points out that the Salon de Parfums in an additional orientation point in its perfume portfolio: “Just like fragrances are becoming more desirable due to their sophistication and power to attract with senses, we were inspired to develop a unique concept of perfumery”.

The new department was designed by MPA Architects with a grey and white central hall, shiny ceramic floor tiles, and a soft vaulted ceiling.  For customers buying cosmetics, the space provides an emotional backdrop and the soft colours of the corridor are contrasted with the individual architectural statement made in each boutique. 

Tenn Ltd have a history of making and using origami paper flowers in their displays. The picture of the flowers Tenn Ltd produced for Dior have been used in their vitrine displays; the particular images featured are those used at Dior’s stand alone flagship store in Covent Garden.  The flowers have a hypo-real aesthetic, as opposed to simulated or real flowers.

The flowers are typically used amongst the displays, cleverly picking up the vertical lighting the vitrines inherit, to give a softness to the handcrafted flowers.

Dior have a permanent installation due to be installed later in 2015, they initially wanted a strong launch with a pop-up space, in order to make a grand statement.  The pop-up space needed to include a curved wall with logos to the end gable, an illuminated display vitrine , two small light boxes and a central display table.

In order to give it a wow factor, Tenn ltd were commissioned to manufacture and install over four thousand paper flowers.  The in-house laser cutter was working twenty four hours a day to cut each petal, and a team of artists where employed to assemble and position each flower.

Tenn Ltd worked closely with Dior throughout the manufacture of the flowers, ensuring Dior had a full understanding of how the project was progressing and the final look of the hand-crafted origami flower backdrop.

With very tight installation times and having to working with other trades on site, the installation of the flowers had be worked out with clockwork precision.

The final installation was extremely well received with the floral wall conveying a complex softness, sitting in harmony with the emotional experience of buying a Dior fragrance.