Diesel and Tenn have collaborated once again, this time for Selfridges Christmas 2017 – the ultimate Christmas window experience… with a twist

With Carnival floats at the heart of this years theme, Diesel approached Tenn to produce, manufacture and install 3 bespoke carousels to house their Italian porcelain cast sheep, Bertha.

To integrate Diesels busts into the scheme, Tenn adapted each bust to become a part of the carousel as they were placed onto the chrome poles that hold the carousel together.

The MDF frame podiums that make up the base and roof were clad in red and black leather and finished with silver moulded diabond studs.

Two half carousels were manufactured to sit at the side of the window whilst one freestanding carousel unit rotates continually turns in the window. LED strips and spotlights give the window a glow throughout the day and night.

“At Diesel we love Holiday Season, but those sweaters…? They are called Ugly Sweaters for a reason! Definitely no one from my team would ever think of wearing that. It’s a matter of style you know?”

Nicola Formichetti 
Diesel Artistic Director

No Sheep were made in the making of this window. They even get to keep the jackets.