Tenn LTD and Fred Perry have joined forces once again for another crowd-pleasing collaboration.

Inspired by the truly British sport, an up close and personal monochrome tennis court graphic became the main feature throughout Fred Perry’s latest roll out scheme.

Tenn LTD set about making collections of hand crafted vinyl wrapped plinths in the feature monochrome graphic. Each collection consisted of a low level plinth, shirt display plinth and bespoke made t-shirt hanger plinth.

These bespoke style plinths create the perfect opportunity for Fred Perry to hang their signature shirts in their windows and stores. Tenn designed the plinths to have a discreet base plate and seamless connecting poles – creating a clean and smart finish to these plinths.

Tenn finished the scheme with complimenting monochrome hanging graphics and vinyl installs

Another super sleek collaboration with Fred Perry.