John Smedley Fenwicks 2017


Strung Out

Since the 1930’s the skilled art of Thread work has been bobbing its head in and out the art world for years in various shapes and uses.

Most recently now in a massive revival called the Fibre Art movement.

With John Smedley’s designs of clean lines and bold used of colour, this design picks up on the thread medium of John Smedley’s iconic knitwear.

This would be the autumn winter theme for John Smedley.

Another design partnership with One Big Company, Tenn manufactured and installed a hook and frame system to accommodate the store’s large feature wall.

Once this was fitted, one of Tenn’s install team hand looped seasonal red, blue, green and taupe yarn across the frame creating a pinpoint triangular streams of colour.

In addition, a red loom vinyl decal was printed by Tenn and applied as a treatment to the floor, extending the art further across the concession.


Fibre art is a high discipline art but is certainly worth the work.