Next Menswear – High Level


Throughout the year Next have been working closely with Tenn to produce some great projects.

This time they have created a slice of nature for Next’s high-level displays on their menswear department.

To bring the brands brief to life, Tenn’s production team went into full swing.

1000’s of faux flowers, plants and sprig’s were sourced to create the array of multiple arrangements for this particular scheme. These would be featured in every one of the company’s stores nationwide.

Tenn’s factory floor was turned into a gigantic greenhouse (!) while the Wales team got to work. One by one, each display was handcrafted using florists oasis and a canvas bag.

The canvas bag manufactured and matched to Next’s Pantone’s in the green and the blue, by TENNs partners in China due to the sheers volume of this project.

The finishing touch of a stamped NEXT logo gives that personalised, bespoke element to this component.

All hands were then on deck to wrap, pack and allocate ready for the journey on the 3 artics to Next’s main distribution centre.

This project certainly gave TENN green fingers!!