狗的一年 Year of the Dog

Year of the dog – the perfect opportunity for Tenn LTD to collaborate with Radley to showcase and bring to life the brands image and latest seasonal collection.

With a celebratory Chinese New Year scheme being rolled out to 5 stores across the UK, Tenn LTD set about producing a series of components to work collectively across each store.

The Dog: To give Radleys signature branding a seasonal twist – Tenn LTD produced a series of gold shimmer sequin dogs. Laser cut to portray the Radley dog – each panel was sprayed with a gold finished and decorated with gold sequins.

The Lanterns: In order to bring the products to life – Tenn designed, laser cut and etched varying sized lanterns as a creative reinterpretation of the products illustrative design as well as creating the opportunity to display products in the window.

To complete each scheme, Tenn produced pantone matched canvas backdrops to be hung in to the windows.

Each store perfectly portrays the bags designs and captures the essence of Chinese New Year – Year of the (Radley) Dog.