When Fred Perry approached Tenn to help with the production of a one off exhibition, Tenn couldn’t turn it down.

Fred Perry and Tenn LTD collaborated to design, build and install a series of exhibition display cabinets to feature some of the late Barney Bubbles famous pieces of graphic art.

Each display unit was built and sprayed by our internal carpentry team. The team went onto curate a series of acrylic toppers to encase the pieces on display. These matte white finished units create a clean gallery look and feel.

Barney Bubbles work is not one to miss, Tenn set about creating oversized acrylic frames to hang some of his signature pieces. Acrylic sheets and aluminium spacers create feature floating frames that compliment the acrylic topped units.

Graphic treatments dress the basement walls with quotes and statements from the man himself.

Be sure to pop into Fred Perry, Henrietta Street to have a look yourself.