Topshop – Boutique

Spring Summer Set-up 2015

Still under the same roof as Topshop Oxford Street and Nike Town London, the Boutique Department within Topshop has its own setting and the feel of a free-standing store. It is positioned slightly up Regent Street and certainly suits its ‘Boutique’ title. It offers access into the main store via an escalator, but it also has its own entrance on Regent Street.

The store has created its very own vibe that remains separate from the main store and the introduction of large plants has an amazing feel: clean, slick, with white detailing.

For this Spring Summer 2015 set-up, Tenn Ltd were commission to design and manufacture a number of visual merchandising elements.  These included copper banded gloss white plinths.  Each plinth was banded with three strips of solid copper. The bands were then fixed in place with a copper nut and bolt, which became the key defining detail.

Two types of plinths where made for the Boutique window. The first was an illuminated version, which used an enclosed a 800mm LED tube light.  This LED tube was self contained, but it did have a copper manifold to re-iterate the copper look and feel.

The second type of plinth were non illuminated, this meant they had the flexibility to be used anywhere in store.

The combination of copper and white gloss, fits in with the ‘Boutique’ feel – elegant, slick, styling, set perfectly against the soft green tones of the plants.  This set-up made for a very sophisticated and suave shopping experience.