Topshop Spring Summer 2015

In Store Setup Spring Summer 2015

This year the Topshop creative team set an array of creative plinths and fixtures for Tenn Ltd to design and manufacture for the Spring Summer 2015 in-store set up in the first week of January.

Tenn Ltd as always loves the opportunity to push those creative buttons, knowing Topshop will looks to push its visual merchandising to the top of the pile.

Topshop has categories of clothing that all need to have their individual qualities expressed and they are in the privileged position of knowing exactly what is on trend, which gives them the back bones to any visual merchandising approach.

Copper was used in several locations and is notoriously difficult to work with. Tenn Ltd produced a set of nine plinths to greet customers as they approached mini main at the bottom of the escalators.  The copper was folded around each pre-mitred face of the plinth, prior to construction.  This gave a beautiful soft edge detail around each plinth that didn’t required welding or riveting: the two preferred construction techniques for copper.

Topshop used birch plywood as one of its key materials in the scheme, which is consistently used across seasons. In Spring/Summer 2015 several sets of plinths bared this hallmark.

The ground floor plinth capitalised on the tall ceiling and standing at over a metre tall, it had a gradient of whitewash on each face and shocking pink corner protectors.  The aesthetic worked as it  had the feel of super high end packing crates. Each iteration of the birch plinth had it’s own detail from the slatted plinths, which had a gradient of colour from pink to natural, and two bands of heat treated metal to complete the aesthetic.

The two styles of mannequin plinths, other than the copper plinth, were the ‘heat treated plinth’ an iridescent electrically plated finished plinth that was posiotioned in a line on castors at two heights.  Jeans had a white gloss plinth which had rolled signage panel suspended from a turquoise bar.  The graphics applied to the signage were also turquoise and and this provided a very considered aesthetic.