Wallis: Royal Wedding

Tenn LTD bought summer love to Wallis Marble Arch for May 2018.

With the Royal Wedding in sight, Wallis wanted to bring a fresh, seasonal window to their Marble Arch store, with a subtle nod to the special British event.

Pink, Blue & white butterflies and swallows printed onto a clear acetate became suspended in the store’s main window. With the expertise of our on-site installers – the graphics were hung into a large 4D sphere using nylon to visually creating a floating effect.

A silver mirrored HIPS floor reflects the patterns and shadows in the window whilst a horizontal lightbox sits below the sphere to create a subtle white glow.

Tenn LTD produced a bespoke white powder coated metal table with clear acrylic top to act as a plinth sitting across the window lightbox – Mannequins then became placed throughout the window in their finest wedding attire.